Andrea Rivero

 ASHI means "foot"

ATSU means "pressure"

Ashiatsu is a massage technique performed by a therapist using bare feet to create deep compression strokes over the body.

Bars are used to ensure support and balance.

This technique is one of the deepest and most relaxing massages possible and is fun to learn.

Your last deep tissue of the day will be as good as your first.

After 15 years to perform deep tissue massages, I started to feel a lot of pain in my wrist , thumbs and neck and I was looking for a technique that helped me to do what I love and keep my profession growing. I found Ashiatsu and I discover an amazing way to keep helping people with my job without compromising my body. I started to work smarter and educating others to do the same . 

Join to my tribe of Ashiatsu practitioners, you will never be the same!