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• Ashiatsu  Barefoot Therapy 

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Ashiatsu "Barefoot Therapy" Training

 • Continuing Education
• Convenient 20 hours levels I, II and III
• Weekends classes available
• Groups of 2
• Groups of 4
• Availables in South Florida (Counties: WPB, Broward, Miami and the Keys) and internationally.
 As preferred in English or Spanish 

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Ashiatsu Bar Therapy

ASHI means "foot"

ATSU means "pressure"

Ashiatsu is a massage technique performed by a therapist using bare feet to create deep compression strokes over the body.

Bars are used to ensure support and balance.

This technique is one of the deepest and most relaxing massages possible and is fun to learn.

Your last deep tissue of the day will be as good as your first.


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